Elena Sánchez Nicolás (Acting President)

CAPSULE AEJ BELGIUM AVEC GOLD FM ET BES (Presentation in French) Check it out here!

Wytze Van der Gaast (Chief Financial Officer)

Born into a hospitality (hotel) family, Wytze developed an interest in journalism early on and started working in television and media production during his years working and living in China. After additional projects and work in the Americas and Africa, Wytze landed in Brussels in 2018. In Brussels, he is active in the production of (new) media and journalistic content and events such as the ‘Brussels Bubbles’ TalkShow featuring journalists who provide a look behind the scenes of their work and ‘Behind the Headlines’ an online video format inspired by shows like ‘The Daily Show, and ‘Last Week Tonight’.

CAPSULE AEJ BELGIUM AVEC GOLD FM ET BES (Presentation in French) Check it out here!

Jasmijn Post (Member of the Board)

Jasmijn Post works for BRUZZ, the Flemish Brussels media. As an editor in this cross-media newsroom, she writes news and background articles, and she films and edits tv reports. The struggle to implement coherent policy on the taxi market and the possible solution to use tiny houses to tackle homelessness are among the recent topics she covered. In addition to her work as a journalist, she focuses on well-being in the office as a member of the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work and the Committee for Diversity, Inclusion and Representation. She studied International Investigative Journalism (Thomas More, Mechelen) Journalism (KU Leuven, Antwerpen) and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (University of Amsterdam). 

Alena Bieling (Member of the Board)

Alena is, amongst others, taking care of AEJ Belgium’s social media content. She previously worked in Communications at the EURACTIV Media Network for which she also occasionally wrote. She has previously worked at Orbitvzw, a non-profit that focuses on diversity and migration. Her main interests lie in equality and social justice. Alena holds an MSc in European and International politics, as well as a BA in International Journalism and a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus on Peace and Conflict Studies.   

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