The Association of European Journalists is shocked by the news of the murder of Victoria Marinova, administrative director and TV host in the regional television TVN Ruse.

We express our sincere condolences to the young woman’s family and relatives. AEJ-Bulgaria insists that authorities carry out an effective investigation and deliver justice upon the people responsible for this brutal act.

AEJ-Bulgaria insists that all possible motives for the murder should be taken into consideration, including the one related her work as a journalist. However, as long as there are no solid and proven facts, the speculations that the incident is connected to the freedom of expression in the country are unacceptable.

AEJ International has sent the AEJ Bulgaria statement to Council of Europe to be published with the media freedom Alert – which is being prepared by AEJ and other Partners jointly-.

“A terrible day for journalism, again. Of course, whatever link there is with her work is the central focus, as well as the full effective investigation and justice”, William Horsley