Thank you for your interest for the event on December 3. Sadly, we have had to postpone it due to scheduling problems. Together with European Commissioner Carlos Moedas we are setting a new date in January for a New Years cocktail networking. The exact date will be announced shortly and hopefully we will see you there!

We thank you for your comprehension!

AEJ Belgium 

The Association of European Journalists in Belgium, in collaboration with Holland House in Brussels, are organising their New Year Networking Cocktail 2019  in the exceptional historical venue of the Club Royal des Guides, Rue d’Arlon 32 (Place du Luxembourg) in Brussels, at walking distance from the European Parliament.

WHAT: Talks and networking on Research and Innovation

WHERE: Club Royal des Guides, Rue d’Arlon 32 (Place du Luxembourg) in Brussels

WHEN: 8 January 2019

WHO: Commissioner Carlos Moedas – Born in 1970, Carlos Moedas holds a degree in civil engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has worked for Goldman Sachs and Eurohypo Investment Bank. Elected a Member of Parliament in 2011, he was appointed Secretary of State working directly under the Prime Minister. In this capacity, he was Portugal’s chief interlocutor with the Troika (Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund), and also supervised the implementation of the programme agreed with the international creditors. He promotes the international excellence of the EU’s research and science and strengthening research capacities and innovation across all Member States.

The Commissioner will respond questions from two EU correspondents on what the MFF proposals might mean for Research & Innovation (R&I) and for innovation in the media sector and in particular for the job of journalist/EU correspondent. What could the launch of the innovation council offer to our profession?  What kind of links does the Commissioner see between Horizon Europe and the Creative Europe program that includes the promotion of cross-cutting activities to enhance quality journalism?

Holland House is a new initiative of the Dutch EU professionals in Brussels so set up their own house for community building, networking and debate. The Club Royal des Guides hosts them temporarily but is the Mess of the Officers of the 1st Regiment of Guides (1874-1994), established on the Place Luxemburg in Brussels, its initial garrison town. The military members meet each other there and hold events remaining attached to the values of the Cavalry, sharing its values and traditions.

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) was founded in 1962 by a group of European correspondents striving to obtain a more qualitative reporting on the European integration process. Today it is a network present in some 30 countries with a lot of attention to media freedom and media literacy. The Belgian section works more specifically on branding the job of EU correspondent and on empowering the journalists in the fast-evolving media landscape by informing them on new evolutions of importance to the job.

Be all welcome but please register at under subject New Year cocktail 19’.

Dress code: access to the venue is at the condition of “tenue de ville”  (for men: tie and jacket) according to the above-mentioned values and traditions of the Club.