Journalists under attack

Every year courageous journalists get killed, imprisoned or harassed by authoritarian regimes worldwide. But even in the European Union cases of journalists being killed are not a thing of the past. Meanwhile our ally Turkey is jailing journalists by the hundreds, even ones with a european passport. The discussion will center around the attacks on the free press in the European Union and Turkey.

Speakers: Mrs. Mesale Tolu (german journalist, recently released from jail in Turkey), Mrs. Kader Tonc (lawyer, represented Mrs. Tolu in court), Mr. Tibor Mazak (journalist Slovakia), Mr. Fred Turnheim (president of the Austrian Journalists Club), MEP Josef Weidenholzer (Vicepresident of the S&D). Moderation: Otmar Lahodynsky (journalist Austria)

WEDNESDAY 5th of September, 1pm to 2.30 pm


European Parliament

Hosted by:

MEP Josef Weidenholzer