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News Optics: try our cultural filtering glasses for news on Europe!

“It’s not content overload. It is filter failure” did internet writer Clay Shirky diagnose already some years ago when it became clear that with so much content available on the worldwide web the real challenge is no longer access to content but the discovery of it. More then ever the spectacles through which you inform yourself on your world are crucial. Journalists gain here with their skills as news-opticians forging your spectacles to help discover politics, economics, culture, society…in different media.
In this section we specifically propose to take up cultural glasses to look at Europe and the EU. Culture creates the space for people to express opinions, explore issues and imagine alternative futures. If you look at it in this way culture offers an antidote to the societal toxins that come along with fear, uncertainty, extremism and all kind of “isms” disturbing the normal functioning of democracies, even sound ones with a long tradition. Therefore we open up this website for fellow journalists, critics and bloggers open to experience these cultural looking glasses.

You’ll find here mostly original content -free of rights, unless indicated otherwise-delivered by journalists that are no art critics but do have a keen interest in the way artists and scientists see their relationship to Europe, European citizenship and some other hot news items. We only ask you to mention the source you would use for editing purposes.
The bloggers are committed to select the people of whom they take interviews or the events they cover in function of the link they offer either to journalism, media and innovation or to Europe, the Council of Europe and the EU. In several cases AEJ in Belgium is acting as a media partner.


Here we join the vintage trend as a new style in its own right. Too swiftly a lot of interesting opinions disappear in the overload of content that comes towards us every day again. We consider that these quotations deserve a chance to be customized to the challenges of today’s ever changing media landscape.

Under this item you’ll find a selection of quotations that we reinterpret as ‘slow intellectual food’ for consumption. With these quotes we want to fuel discussions among our members, our fellow journalists and people with a heart for quality press. Most of this was subject of the blogs we host.

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