Meet the EU-Correspondent

This is a core-project within the AEJ in Belgium program seeking to ‘brand’ the job of EU-correspondent.

Here you’ll find e.g. interviews in depth with fellow-journalists and correspondents in Brussels that we realize in collaboration with different media partners (Radio Gold, Thomas More Mechelen, …) and fellow journalists in different formats (podcasts e.g.).

We explore with them their working methods, daily occupations, cultural differences and communalities, perspectives on the future of media and of the EU, their views on living and working in Brussels in comparison to other capitals, what they do in leisure time and so much more.

Listen to the interview with Stephen Fidler of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), on the job of EU – correspondent here.

It fits in the series of interviews that we are making with EU-correspondents. The interview was made by a young German student in international journalism at the Thomas More University College in Mechelen and is a result of the contact we established with Thomas More University College.

Radio Gold


The other main field of activity of our Association. Here you’ll find announcements and reports on activities that promote quality journalism on European subjects, explore and develop new ways to empower the correspondent in responding to the challenges coming upon him by technological and societal (r)evolutions. Digital technology is changing fundamentally the interaction of journalists between them and especially with other media professionals such as designers, marketers…

New balances are also being sought between those who publish information and those who read it. Designing news and designing knowledge becomes of major importance as we all need to catch the eyes first to get the attention. Design is often seen e.g. as a way to make sense of virtual data. But it remains happily so that without quality content that offers satisfaction even the best design gets no credit at the end. Content and Design need to be mobilized in a creative tension and this asks for new open-minded interaction whereby work flows are differently organized.

Technology is certainly a treat to many of old fashioned working methods but it also offers opportunities and offers the potential to change the business and the society in positive ways. We want with AEJ to accompany the journalists in finding their way in all this and also give the news-consumers a better insight on how the news reports by correspondents are generated and what are the different ways to get access to it in an optimal way.

Futures for the Press

Follow and cooperate with us to make the future. Join our LinkedIn group to contribute to the debate by sharing with us your thoughts, opinions and insights on where you want journalists to invest in the changing media landscape. Launch foreseen in autumn 2016.




We are happy that upon the initiative of AEJ in Belgium, the Open Days 2015, co-organized by the EU’s Committee of the Regions (COR) and DG Regio of the European Commission, offered the occasion for a try-out of immersive television developed by the ICoSOLE consortium, co-funded by the European FP7 Research Program.

ICoSOLE stands for Immersive Coverage of Spatially Outspread Live Events. Most interesting aspect is the application of the special software that makes it possible to combine image and video content sent by participants from different devices (tablets, smart phones etc.) with broadcasting content (checking the quality and making semi-automatic selection) and integrate user generated content close to real-time into a “wall of moments” (an array of streams contributed in the previous minutes). This application offers to both participants on-site and remote spectators the occasion to link (audio) visuals with the different venues. All material delivered by ICoSOLE will be free of rights and available for use by the media. The Austrian Research Institute Joanneum is the project leader. Further members of the consortium are Technicolor-Deutsche Thomson OHG (D); VRT Onderzoek&Innovatie (B); I-Minds (B); Bitmovin (AT); BBC (UK); Toolsatwork Hard &Soft (AT).

On the ICoSOLE project’s website and on the Open Days’ website you find more extensive information. See: and