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AEJ Belgium calls for expanding the EU budget for Creative Europe

The EU media advocacy group is calling on the German Presidency and the EP Budget Committee to expand the long-term EU budget for Creative Europe - which aims to support the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sector.  During the negotiations, the European...

Statutes added!

  We added the updated versions of our statutes in 3 different languages: Dutch, English and French! These are the official statutes that appeared in the 'Belgisch Staatsblad'. We've made all versions available as PDFs, so if you're interested in getting to know more...

EESC: EU law should set safe boundaries for high-risk AI

Biometric recognition for tracking, surveillance and detecting emotions should have no place in Europe's human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI), says the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in its response to the European Commission's White...


Russian Twilight of the Gods?

Guest Commentary by Jaka Bizilj *, founder of Berlin-based Cinema for Peace Foundation February 3, 2021   Alexei Navalny's sentence to three and a half years in a penal colony is supposed to be punishment for not fulfilling his bail conditions and reporting to the...


In association with Radio Gold

A new issue in our series of talks with EU correspondents. This time ith Maroun Labaki (@MarounLabaki) President of the Press Club Brussels Europe and former Chief Dpt World News of Le Soir in Belgium. Previously, he was the former European and Foreign Editor of the daily Le Soir (Brussels). His Most recent book is entitled “Trump, […]