A play about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia is to be performed in Brussels in May 2022, with support from the Association of European Journalists. Find more information in the links below, available in English, French and Dutch.

Buy your tickets at the link below and be sure not to miss it. For a deeper look into the play, see what the writer of the play, Herman Frech, had to say in a recent interview.

English: https://www.kvs.be/en/agenda/794/Herman_Grech_Spazju_Kreattiv/They_Blew_Her_Up/

French: https://www.kvs.be/fr/agenda/794/Herman_Grech_Spazju_Kreattiv/They_Blew_Her_Up/

Dutch: https://www.kvs.be/nl/agenda/794/Herman_Grech_Spazju_Kreattiv/They_Blew_Her_Up