Interested in Membership?

The AEJ Belgium brings together journalists, media experts and professionals, academics, public relations and communication professionals, civil society advocates, political and business leaders with the aim to enrich the dialogue on media matters, and facilitate the growth of the profession, in a very troubling time for the industry and the profession.

Full AEJ membership, with voting rights in the General Assembly, and the possibility to seek an elected position in the organisation is open only to journalists. As of May 2017, AEJ Belgium offers a new level of associate membership for non-journalist entities that share the values of the organisation and can contribute to the work we are doing.

The core of the membership brings together professional journalists, mostly correspondents who report on the EU and its institutions on a daily basis. Our broad press membership has a keen, general interest in Europe and includes also freelance contributors to television and radio, national, regional and specialist newspapers, periodicals, websites, blogs and other new media, as well as university and college students and scholars in the field of journalism and media innovation.

What you get as a member:


  1. Invitations* to participate to our in all of our seminars, trainings, and events free of charge (first-come-first-served policy applies if limited seating is available).
  2. A one-year membership card of the AEJ Belgium.
  3. Participate in meet-ups and exchange thoughts with our members and partners.
  4. Access to research reports of the AEJ Belgium and our partners.
  5. Access to our newsletter, bringing you the best and latest of the industry in the EU context.
  6. Finally, as a member, you will get to put a little stone in the empowerment and advancement of a profession and an industry that is the cornerstone of democracy in our societies.

*Note access to some events may be restricted to our professional journalist members only.

We consider it our task to provide useful services, to be a home for creative journalists and to develop interesting strategies and innovative products together with them. This openness to innovation motivated us to match with cultural partners and to offer free space to invited artists. We indeed believe that an important asset of culture is to allow people to express opinions, explore issues and imagine alternative futures. This will enrich the dialogue on the job of journalist and EU correspondent between the AEJ in Belgium and all those interested in media issues. Therefore the AEJ in Belgium foresees to invest even more than before in a variety of local activities offered by several partners. Moreover, the activities focus on the ‘branding’ of the job of EU-correspondent and on empowering our fellow-journalists in the evolving media landscape.