The International Press Institute (IPI) launched a new platform on 9 July called Ontheline Newsrooms providing best practices to fight online harrasment of journalists. The online platform compiles measures, resources and best practices collected through interviews with more tha 100 editors, journalists and media experts as well as visits to 45 leading newsrooms in Europe, including the BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, German public broadcaster ARD and Spain’s El País.

“In providing these tools, we’re aiming to help counter not only the negative personal and professional impact of online abuse on journalists but also help prevent self-censorship arising from online attacks that threatens the public’s access to the news”, IPI Executive Director Barbara Trionfi explained. “In order to achieve these aims, it is important that journalists who are target of online harassment are not left alone to deal with it. This phenomenon must be acknowledged as a structural problem of the news ecosystem and addressed through dedicated newsroom policies and mechanisms that support both staff and freelancers.”