Ed started his career as a journalist at the local newspaper Twentsche Courant in his native Netherlands. After that, he worked as a parliamentary reporter for the Persunie (former association of regional newspapers). He later served as a lobbyist in the government city for the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland. 

Later he worked as a lobbyist, representing the interests of the Provinces Overijssel and Gelderland at a national level in The Hague. He returned to the academic world and was a lecturer at the University of Twente and obtained his doctorate (PhD) in 2019. His research was in advocacy at the regional and decentralized levels. Being a true European, he was a true believer that local authorities are desperately needed in order to get policies to the people.

Enschede was his hometown. Until recently, Ed was Chairman of the Court of Audit of the Municipality of Enschede, a position that he had to give up because of his illness. Enschede was his hometown and there he died.