AEJ International and AEJ Belgium have participated in the public consultation on Fake News the EC held in parallel with the work of the High-Level Expert Group. Check the AEJ’s road-map for the right responses.

Fondation EURACTIV has also fresh news on the High-Level Expert Group on “fake news”. The report of the independent High-level Group on “fake news” and online disinformation has been published on Monday March 12. You can read it here and watch our series of infographics below, illustrating its main points. 

This report recommends the creation of a code of practices & a stakeholder coalition; training initiatives; cooperation with platforms on indicators, more visibility for quality content; and the use of any relevant EU instruments, including competition rules… And also a strategy for the media sector 2019-2024, a line supported by the Media4EU project.

“The #Media4EU editorial series interviewed more than 30 media experts from six countries about the parallel between the crises facing the sector and those facing Europe itself, as well as ways to foster better cooperate”

Christophe Leclercq (@LeclercqEU), member of this expert group, shared his views, arguing: “Avoid censorship, dilute fake news with quality”. 

“We need to harness the speed and methods of the platforms, while not leaving media assessment to them, given their own agenda and commercial angle. Trust Indicators (aggregated from media and NGO fact-checkers) could feed platforms’ algorithms. This would dilute and slow disinformation automatically, instead of trying to censor it.”