Join the unique debate organised by the AEJ Belgium at Difference Day 2017, on May 3 in Bozar, Brussels.

What if the business of the news media is not based on the monetization of big volumes of internet traffic but on the capacity of building trust, influencing society and endorsing world views? This is Alberto Barreiro’s view , Chief Experience Officer for the Spanish PRISA media group.

What are the technological innovations that need to come from this? Might blockchain technology offer solutions? Blockchains are a transparent and decentralized way of recording lists of transactions. They may help shift some control over daily interactions with technology away from central elites, redistributing it among users, as we read in a report of the European Parliamentary Research Service. However working with blockchains remains technologically very complex. Therefore the Dutch startup Publicism is developing a dashboard that makes it easier to use. They explicitly work at it with the intention of keeping a free press, empowering the individual journalist to distribute his work in an independent fashion without interferences of e.g. a centralized management system.  The ‘GAFAM’ * are also working on this, adding another interesting perspective. The race for more ease-of-use and security for the users, has only just begun. Some speak of a third wave of digital innovation coming upon us.

All this will come up during 5 successive presentations by 5 tandems of speakers working jointly within tech and media companies. Program details and info on speakers will soon be available.

*GAFAM  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft



  • Dieter Boen
  • Tim Verheyden
  • Pieter Haasnoot.
  • Marco Pancini (tbc)
  • Giovanni Seppia (tbc)

Moderator: Daniela Vincenti

Photo Credit: BTC Keychain|Flickr