Are you a young media professional eager to gain skills, boost your career, test your ideas, and expand your network?
Are you a publisher or an editor whose media needs innovation backed by business, to develop future management, and to grow its network with top media leaders in Europe?

Stars4Media is an exchange and training programme for young media professionals (“rising stars”) between cooperating media organisations, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border coverage in Europe. Stars4Media will encourage innovation through skill-building activities between paired media organisations to test ideas, produce contents and develop initiatives around 4 strategic themes.

Participants of this project will be young media professionals (“rising stars”) with 2-10 years of media experience, coming from different backgrounds (journalists, graphic designers, tech developers, marketing and social media managers).

Around what THEMES ?

This pilot project call is structured around 2 waves divided in main topics:

  • Wave A – TRUST in media: Topic A.1) Constructive journalism; Topic A.2) Fact-checking; Topic A.3) your own topic.
  • Wave B – DATA for media: Topic B.1) Data-journalism; Topic B.2) Artificial Intelligence / Language technologies; Topic B.3) your own topic.

We are open to proposed topics will/could be also accepted, and will be assessed by the consortium members on their relevance, innovation aspects and expected impact.

WHY should you participate?

As a young media professional you will:

  • work with another European media than your own for 4 to 12 weeks
  • gain practical skills on quality reporting, data journalism, fact-checking, AI and translation technologies, marketing, and social media
  • be part of a network of 100 young media innovators in Europe

As a media outlet you will:

  • grow your network with the best innovative media companies in Europe and top media leaders
  • test ideas, develop new products and new business models, and innovate
  • develop and motivate your staff and future management

Questions and clarifications: Interested media professionals and media outlets will be able to submit their Expression of interest and questions by filling in a form. Your Expression of interest in the Stars4Media pilot project should be submitted (link to downloadable form) and sending it to with the Subject: ”Expression of interest Stars4Media”.

HOW will it work? 

  • Step 1 – Submission of initiatives: Call will be opened on 20/12/2019. Submission deadline: 20/01/2020. You will be able to submit your Initiative here by the above mentioned deadline.
  • Step 2 – Pre-selection: From 20/01/2020 until 01/02/2020, a Jury formed of 20 experts will pre-select around 120 initiatives.
  • Step 3 – Final Selection: At the match-making event, which will take place from 03 to 06/03/2020 in Brussels, 100 media professionals from around 40 media outlets are paired around innovative initiatives and benefit from ad-hoc training
  • Step 4 – Development of the initiative and exchange:
    • Physical and virtual Mobility:  from the second week of March 2020 and for an average of 4 to 12 weeks the selected initiatives and therefore media professionals and their media outlets will carry out their initiative based on physical and virtual mobility
    • Monitoring and evaluation: the development of the initiative will be constantly monitored, evaluated and facilitated by the consortium partners


1) Requirements for participating in the Stars4Media Pilot Project

  • The media outlets behind the proposed initiatives will endorse the project’s terms and conditions;
  • 80% of the eligible costs will be reimbursed. Eligible costs are: traveling, subsistence and training costs incurred during the initiative;
  • A maximum of 6000 euros expenses per person will be eligible to be reimbursed of which 80% is reimbursed by the project and 20% by the media outlet participating;
  • The ratio 80/20% also applies for reimbursing expenses lower than 6000 euros;
  • We will give priority to initiatives of at least 2 media professionals from 2 different media outlets (this is a “Stars4Media Pair”). Exceptionally initiatives can have more than 2 media outlets;
  • Initiatives already indicating a Stars4Media Pair will be given priority and are more likely to be selected;
  • 10% freelance media professionals might be accepted provided they have a VAT number.

2) Successful initiatives will be governed by the provisions stated in the following documents, by submitting your initiative you acknowledge and accept the provisions of the following rules :