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The Association of European Journalists

The Association of European Journalists

The International Association of European Journalists (AEJ) in Belgium is an independent non-profit vzw/asbl under Belgian law. The association’s overall aim and mission is to promote critical journalism in the European integration process, to defend media freedom in Europe and to promote cross-border journalism.

The AEJ brings together professional journalists, mostly correspondents who report on the EU and its institutions on a daily basis. Our broad press membership has a keen, general interest in Europe and includes also freelance contributors to television and radio, national, regional and specialist newspapers, periodicals, websites, blogs and other new media, as well as university and college students and scholars in the field of journalism and media innovation.

The AEJ in Belgium also brings together media experts and professionals, academics, public relations and communication professionals, civil society advocates, political and business leaders with the aim to enrich the dialogue on media matters, and facilitate the growth of the profession, in a very troubling time for the industry and the profession.

Media Café

Key briefings on European elections: 100 days to go

  100 days before voters elect their MEPs who will choose the next Commission President, journalists are invited to two key briefings on  key dates leading up to the elections and lead candidate debates, media tools and practical details on facilities available...

Latest news from AEJ International

Members’ Newsletter November – 2018

Letter from AEJ President Otmar Lahodynsky AEJ Current Topics Events and dates of interest Dear friends and colleagues: Rough times for European integration and journalists covering it. Rough times also for media freedom menaced by populist leaders, strategically...

Inside the Newsroom – Profiles of journalists

In association with Radio Gold

Interviewed: Ilja Bakker on Radio Gold

  Ilja Bakker (@ilja2101) is the Program Manager at Difference Day and also at Women on Board Belgium and Digital Mind for Belgium. She manages the set-up of Difference Day at Bozar with the steering committee and partners and organizes the communication and...

Interviewed: Camille Goret on Radio Gold

A new issue in our series of talks with EU correspondents. This time French national Camille Goret, working for the Belgian free press Metro. Europe to love or to hate, Europe and Africa, World Music Festival radio’s, Working Day of  a journalist and much more on the...