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The Association of European Journalists

The Association of European Journalists

The International Association of European Journalists (AEJ) in Belgium is an independent non-profit vzw/asbl under Belgian law. The association’s overall aim and mission is to promote critical journalism in the European integration process, to defend media freedom in Europe and to promote cross-border journalism.

The AEJ brings together professional journalists, mostly correspondents who report on the EU and its institutions on a daily basis. Our broad press membership has a keen, general interest in Europe and includes also freelance contributors to television and radio, national, regional and specialist newspapers, periodicals, websites, blogs and other new media, as well as university and college students and scholars in the field of journalism and media innovation.

The AEJ in Belgium also brings together media experts and professionals, academics, public relations and communication professionals, civil society advocates, political and business leaders with the aim to enrich the dialogue on media matters, and facilitate the growth of the profession, in a very troubling time for the industry and the profession.

Media Café

The Best of the European Think Tanks

Monthly talks on geopolitical issues from a European perspective Brussels is home to numerous think tanks. How many is open for debate, but surely more than 500. They all feed the political debate with studies, papers, new insights and propositions. But their work...

Cheers to the New Year!

Best wishes for 2018! Meilleurs voeux pour 2018! Beste wensen voor 2018! 2017 was the year we finally launched our own AEJ Belgium website, organized a successful debating session on Trust in media during Difference Day-World Press Freedom Day (May 3) in Bozar,...

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